Manager: Kasia Dalewska

Tell us about your experience with the company?

I have worked for Silva for over 8 years now. I went through a support worker role, shift leader, key worker position. Now I am an acting senior support worker at Brake Close. We work with complex needs, challenging and autistic service users.

Describe your senior team?

I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of people all throughout the years. People I’ve learned a lot from and still do.

What are the needs of the people you support?    

The people who we work with now, are very independent and capable. They have their goals and they are meeting them amazingly.

Run us through a typical day as a support worker at your site?

Every day we support guys with different activities. They are going swimming, gym, cooking clubs, charity work, daily trips, etc.

What activities do you do at your site?

Cycling, swimming, walking, gym, shopping, art & crafts, attending church, bowling, cooking sessions, cinema and a lot more.

What about your sites are you proud of?

All the goals our guys have set and met, and helping them grow and develop to be more independent.

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