Ruthven Road

Ruthven Road

Manager: Bec Giles

Tell us about your experience with the company?

 I started 6 years ago as a part-time support worker and progressed quickly to a senior position and again to manager and have held this position for 3 years. Throughout this time there have been many opportunities to learn, develop and acquire new qualifications.

Describe your senior team?

The senior team at Ruthven Road is young and dynamic, full of enthusiasm and eager to develop. Qualifications have been obtained and progressive understanding of their roles, and they are keen to bring this to the team.

What are the needs of the people you support?

We support individuals primarily with autism, down’s syndrome and learning difficulties to be part of their community, to improve their skills, enhance work opportunities and to build friendships and communities with peers. Few individuals are supported within their own homes to live with increased independence, this encouragement and reassurance of our support empowers them.

Run us through a typical day as a support worker at your site?

Days typically start at site to get one of our fleet vehicles, staff are allocated a route to collect individuals, they return to site and have some time to interact with their friends and staff before heading out to their activities. Often there are separate morning and afternoon activities with lunch between, but it is common to be collected and out for most of the day. Staff need to be proactive and, along with those they are supporting, plan the day ahead. Travel and lunch may need to be considered or prepared before leaving for activities, taking note of dietary needs along with frequent prompts provided regarding personal care. The day ends by dropping our service users home or to respite breaks, ensuring relevant information is shared during the handover. Records of the day will be completed, and the site will be cleaned and ready for the following day.

What activities do you do at your site?

A wide range of activities take place including; cinema visits, 10-pin bowling, gardening groups, cricket, football, arts & crafts, disco’s, shopping & meal preparation, understanding of domestic tasks, improving money and communication skills, local and scenic walks, day trips and sensory sessions.

What about Ruthven Road are you proud of?

There is lots I am proud of that happens at Ruthven Road; the staff team support one another, they have a good social relationship and are welcoming of new faces. The varied goals achieved by individuals have included moving from their family homes into supported living homes with friends, planning and 1 running their own coffee morning, improving confidence, making friends, independent travel and improved life skills (planning, risk awareness, budgeting, meal prep and health awareness.

Something that makes your site unique within Silva Care?

We access the community a lot! This is in part due to the physical ability of those we support, but also their drive to be active and the enthusiasm of staff to make the most of the time we spend together in our role of support workers.

Any other information you think is important about your site that you have not mentioned above?

We are lucky to have a great site, we have a very social space and beautiful gardens that we frequently make use of. We have held sports days, BBQ’s and water fights on warm days.

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