Senior: Hal Camplin

Tell us about your experience with the company?

I have worked for Silvacare for 5 years as part of senior teams across different services and sites.

Describe your senior team?

The team in our service is small, experienced and communicate using text  Whatsapp and email as well as written diaries and verbal handovers where possible. We like to keep positive with service users as well as be clear about safety and responding to service user’s and family’s feedback. We have a gender balance which helps create stability and a
calm, warm, and friendly atmosphere to meet service user needs.

What are the needs of the people you support?    

In supported living service users are more independent. They may however need regular prompting with personal care and support with accessing medical services in the community. The environment is homely and a space to develop daily living skills such as cleaning, laundry, and shopping for household items With significant verbal communication skills often service users need support making sure information is clear and accessible so they can make informed decisions. They need help organising activities they enjoy including exercise, entertainment, shopping, and social contact with friends and family. Support with internet safety is an increasing need.

Run us through a typical day as a support worker at your site?

Support service users by promoting morning routines, such as medication, shower, getting dressed breakfast, brushing teeth, hair brushing, shaving, etc. Check diary and checksheets for tasks and appointments. Support service users to be ready for activities or direct support. If in-home, support to do household 1 tasks including preparing meals and vacuuming, wiping surfaces, washing up, etc. There may be social activities in the evening to support.

What activities do you do at your site?

Household tasks- learning how to complete laundry, cleaning, and maintaining the house to a safe and good standard. This includes gardening tasks such as mowing lawn. Service
users watch films, make videos using the internet and social media. We do some arts and crafts. Service users like walking and doing certain sports. We sometimes hold social events
– small parties.

What about Stoke Lane are you proud of?

We support independence and have created a happy, safe, and caring home environment for our service users.

Something that makes your site unique within Silva Care?

We are a creative house and always ready for a party! 😀

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