Manager: Allan Parsons

Tell us about your experience with the company?

I started with Silva Care in 2007 as a support worker, at that time we only had one house, Oakleigh. I had no experience in care but quickly came to enjoy going to work and as I got to know the Service users, I knew that this was the job for me. I moved to the Oaks in August 2008 when it opened. I progressed to Senior in 2009. In 2018 I became the manager of The Oaks.

Describe your senior team?

We have a dedicated team of three seniors at the Oaks, all of them started as support workers. two of the seniors joined us from domiciliary care and one had a career as an accountant. We rely on the senior team to organise the support staff on their shifts, they are also responsible for keeping the servicers records up to date.

What are the needs of the people you support?    

We support individuals at The Oaks who have severe learning disabilities and various complex health needs. They have limited to no formal verbal communication; they rely on staff learning their individual methods of communication. They require full support with all their daily needs. Some of the individuals we support receive their nutrition and medication via gastrostomy pegs.

Run us through a typical day as a support worker at your site?

On arrival at the Oaks, staff are allocated a service user to support, they will support them with their morning personal care, e.g. shower and dressing. Staff will then support them to help prepare and eat their breakfast. some of our service users access the Oaks for short breaks and then go out to outreach, these service users will then be supported to attend their outreach sites. We also support some service users in a supported living environment, after breakfast these service users are supported with their daily household tasks, e.g. tidying their rooms and communal areas, laundry etc. 1 following this they will be supported to attend any activities that are planned for the day. in the evening our service users are supported with their evening meal, they often go out for a walk before their evening personal care is carried out, they then relax in the lounge watching some TV/DVD or have an arts and craft session before being supported to bed.

What activities do you do at your site?

We support service users to access:

Horse riding, swimming, short matt bowls, bowling, attending the theatre, going to the cinema, accessing the community, cycling, visits to the zoo and aquarium, we also support our supported living service users to go on holidays.

What about the Oaks are you proud of?

Following our last CQC inspection, we received an overall ‘Outstanding rating’ We have built very trusting relationships with the families of the individuals we support and outside health professionals we work with.

Something that makes your site unique within Silva Care?

At the Oaks we support service users in short breaks, supported living, and outreach environments. We support individuals with various support needs e.g. severe learning disabilities, complex health needs.


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