Manager: Jeron Llewellyn

Tell us about your experience with the company:

I have worked for Silva Care since 2014 within the outreach services, in that time I have been a support worker, keyworker, senior support worker, deputy manager, and now manager of North Park. There has always been an opportunity to progress my knowledge of our sector and my career. During my time at Silva Care I have met so many people with different needs, skills, knowledge, and personalities it has helped me gain a holistic view of things and contributed to my perspective on daily life.

Describe your senior team:

At North Park we have an eclectic deputy manager & senior team with varied personalities and approaches. They work well as a team but also have a great understanding of their individual rooms, offering support and advice where required and guiding their teams to provide a safe, caring, and progressive service. Each senior supervises the support workers within their area and are available to support the needs of both the service users and staff when required, always with empathy and understanding.

Tell us about the needs of the people you support:

At North Park we support people with a wide range of needs, some of which are physical disabilities, learning difficulties, complex health needs, risk behaviors & mental health needs. They require varied support which we will ensure all staff are trained and competent to do.

Run us through a typical day as a support worker at your site:

At North Park a typical day begins with going on a pick up to collect one or more service users and bringing them back to North Park, this then transitions into morning activities, for example (but not exhaustive) this could be supporting somebody into the community to access swimming, cinema, zumba or supporting them at college/volunteering position. During this time and throughout the day you will need to ensure the person you are supporting is supported (if required) to complete personal care and eats/drinks 1 appropriately. For some people they may return to North Park to prepare lunch. Moving into the afternoon there is often a second activity of the day, either something from the list above or something totally different! other examples could be living skills, cooking, gym, walking, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy…. the list is endless!

After the daily activities are complete, we then complete communication books, daily recordings and any other relevant paperwork which leads to our drop offs, where we transport one or more person at a time, home. You will provide a handover of the day to their carers, make your way back to North Park and finish work for the day.

What activities do you do at your site?

On site we have activities like zumba, dance and drama, music & movement, and art sessions. We also have seasonal activities including holiday meals, festive cooking, crafts including felting, facilitate coffee mornings and many other things. Our creative support co-ordinator also creates fun and engaging sessions which they facilitate at North Park. We are also fortunate to have large playing fields behind us with football/rugby posts and our very own allotment plot just over the road. At North Park there are the facilities to support independent living skills and space to get creative.

Tell us about something at your site that you are proud of:

I am proud of the diverse community we have brought together at North Park. We are a large team with a range of backgrounds and needs but everyone is respectful, compassionate, and caring which leads to great teamwork, great services provided and positive outcomes for all.

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