The Cherries

Manager: Shannon Mansfield

Tell us about your experience with the company?

I have worked for Silva care for nearly 7 years, I started off my time in Silva care as a support worker with no experience. Throughout the 7years I worked my way from support worker to keyworker, senior, deputy manager, and now manager. I have been a manager for nearly 3 years.

Describe your senior team?

Here at the Cherries, we have 2 seniors both female with years of experience in care. 1 senior is fairly new still so learning loads and the other has been here for 2 years they
work alternative shifts and some admin days together. Both seniors work 1 weekend on and 1 weekend off they are your point of call when on shift with them, they run the shift and help start to

What are the needs of the people you support?

We support service users with minimal to maximal support needs here at the Cherries a lot of our service users have complex needs and need a lot of support most of them are
nonverbal and need help with feeding although we like to support them to be as independent as possible and with our support we do just that.

Run us through a typical day as a support worker at your site?

A typical day at the cherries would involve helpi support service users up out of bed whatever way they would prefer and then helping with breakfast and mediation
that may be needed.  After that, we would then drop off at day centers school, or home. we also provide day care for some service users meaning, we provide support to access the community or appointments, all service users have a support plan in place to help with this. later on, in the day we then have new service users for their respite that evening, all service users have allocated stayed for example 1 weekend a month or 1 night every week.  every service user is allocated differently. all service users are involved in planning their day or their 1 stay at the cherries and being able to set targets or how we can help them reach their goals.

What activities do you do at your site?

we do many activities here at the cherries:

Bowling, Zumba, Discos, Swimming, Cinema, Hippodrome, Horse riding, Cooking, Gardening, Arts and crafts, Sensory room sessions, Zoo, Day trips
and many more.

What about the Cherries are you proud of?

We all work 1:1 with all our service users and we are always meeting PCP (provide review plan) goals, all staff go above and beyond to ensure all new staff are feeling confident and shadowing until they feel comfortable to work 1:1. We like all of our Service users to do group activities whenever possible, so staff will always feel that they have support around them at all times.

Something that makes your site unique within Silva Care?

Here at the Cherries, we are a small team with a max of 8 staff (weekends) weeks days max of 5, we always feel so supportive and work closely together there is always a management team available

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