Why should you work in care?

There are so many very rewarding reasons to work in care! We asked our team members why they work in care and what it is that they enjoy most

have a look at their answers below:

Lottie – “I love knowing I am having a positive impact on someone’s life. This can be anything from helping someone learn new skills or maintaining and developing pre-existing skills that can help them live independently.”

Heather – “The service users know that they are in the best hands with well trained, dedicated staff that will go the extra mile for them. Best feeling in the world when you have gained the trust of your service users!”

Marina – “Every day is different! You always finish the day feeling happy and fulfilled, knowing you’ve made someone else’s day!

Team member from Outreach – “I chose a career in care as I wanted to help people. This is the most rewarding job!

Peppe – “To me care means always being kind, positive and supportive. Advocating for service users who are non-verbal and supporting people to access activities they might not have been able to without your help is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

Jayne – “Every day is different! I love building positive relationships, having fun, gaining, new experiences and building memories. I have made so many amazing memories whilst working for Silva Care, where I feel truly blessed and privileged to have been part of an individual’s life.”

Charlotte – “Being able to bring my other skills into my job role -for example gardening, arts and crafts and cooking -just to name a few. This job allows me to do all the things I enjoy in one place -I get paid to have a great day do these fun things with our service users.”

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