Service User Forum

On the 9th of May 2024, a service user forum was held at North Park for all service users who access Silva Care. The forum was coordinated and facilitated by Jeron Llewellyn, Service Manager for Non-Regulated Services. Service users across all sites were given notice and invited, if they wanted to attend, they were welcome to join – this was given as a choice.

We collected feedback from 28 of our service users who access both regulated and non-regulated sites within Silva Care.

We asked them all the same questions hoping to gather their feedback regarding topics and to understand how they felt about their service. Questions were presented in accessible booklets which had multiple ways of gathering the information and recording answers to try and make the forum as accessible as possible for everyone. Service users were supported by a support worker who knows them well to support their understanding.

Due to the personalised nature of the answers that have been given, the below data has been processed and interpreted in a respectful manner to allow us to draw conclusions and use the data moving forwards. Some people chose not to answer all the questions, some people left comments alongside the questions and others wrote alternative answers to the questions which have been categorised to best capture their meaning.

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